LBNE International Symposium

Symposium on Scientific Opportunities within LBNE

October 3, 2012
at Fermilab

Left: Ten-kiloton LAr far detector design, to be constructed in Lead, S.D.

Right: Beamline design, to be constructed at Fermilab

In conjunction with the 13th Annual Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors International Workshop (NNN12) to be held at Fermilab Oct. 4 - 6, 2012, LBNE will hold a symposium on Wednesday, Oct. 3, one day before the workshop. The primary purpose of the NNN workshop is to discuss future detectors for research on neutrino physics and nucleon decays. The symposium will focus on LBNE.

The purpose of the LBNE symposium is to gain the perspective (and learn about the past experience) from a variety of collaborations on international partnerships and the relationship they have with national funding agencies.

See the Agenda for more information.

Registration is now available.

All NNN workshop participants and other scientists interested in neutrino physics are invited to attend this special one-day LBNE symposium.

Organizers and science contacts are Milind Diwan and Robert Svoboda.
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